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Happy New Year ? ... Scratch that !!!

I am not here to wish you a happy new year; at least not the way that is expected.

Happy new year, Well no…That is already done by everyone, everywhere. Today I want to wish you other things...

I wish you the courage to say enough, is enough, to be able to close the doors that lead to pain, unworthiness, and trauma.

I wish you to forget who forgot about you, and/or to forgive and forget those that hurt you, I wish you that you can set them free and free yourself by the power of that forgiveness, so pain is controlling your life no more.

I wish you can close doors and open new windows, I wish you not to settle for less than you deserve, and that if you're doubting your worth, that you can find the truth of your value dear one.

I wish that you let go of the guilt, the shame, the pain, that you can let go of all the things deeming your beautiful and eternal light, and that you realize things do not happen to us; they happen for us, to show us that we can arise like the lotus towards the sun and beauty, no matter how muddy things might look.

I wish you to dare to do all the things you dream of, the things that make your heart shine, the power of abundance and fulfillment are right there; No matter how crazy or how different, let the unique expression of the universe flow through you.

I wish you can love yourself like no one has loved you before, so as a result, you aligned only with those that truly love and respect you.

I wish you laughter, I wish you silliness, joy, magic, I wish you sparks in your eyes, I wish you hugs that last a lifetime.

I wish you trips, as well as many journeys of the soul, I wish you hurricanes of emotions, that make you feel the full human experience in your body.

I wish you to find love, the kind of love, that can see you as you are and make your life greater than it can be, I wish you to be loved in a way where you can show all your parts, where you do not have to hide or cut any of them so you can be accepted. a love that can see the most vulnerable parts of you and love them as well, a love that is passionate and gentle, that it is fierce and compassionate, the kind of love you deserve.

I wish you many more new favorite songs, loads of dancing in the kitchen, and genuine friendships that make you smile.

I wish that no matter the season you feel empowered to change the things that need changing, that you feel the power to start, and restart no matter where you are in life, that your faith in yourself grows stronger by the day and that you realize you have everything you need inside to create the life you dream and deserve.

I wish that you learn to trust your gut and your intuition so that you can listen to the gentle whispers of your soul giving you the clues to heal and manifest. I wish that you realize that all the power is inside of you, that you need no crystals, no temples no gurus, that the temple is you, that you are the catalyst and the alchemist, and that the way to greater timelines exists when we go within.

Finally, I hope you can use the time of winter to go within, to go into the cave of wonders, that you can lay in there and allow all the parts to come out and greet you, all the parts that hide when we are to busy to hear them, to feel them, I hope you can let them in and that you can let those that once were separated come together again, so you can heal, so you can reclaim the full power of your light, I hope you can let the darkness take over, for it is in the darkness where the roots of big trees and beautiful flowers are sprouted, oh dear one let the darkness of the void take you to the places you have been afraid, for is in those places where the biggest bounties await. Remember the path of the divine feminine, the path of the goddess starts with darkness, and from there shell blooms in all her beauty and her glory.

If you feel called to work with me here is a link to a book, Akashic records readings, Familly constellations - Ancestral healing and hypnotherapy; but remember you are the medicine, you are the temple.

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