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Mindfulness and the gift of the present moment.

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The Gift is the here and now.

The action of living consciously in the present allows us to feel, observe, experience, and make the most of our life in this world, perceiving and feeling the present as a conscious exercise, starts building the path for real joy, growth, and alchemy, as well as allowing us to reprogram our unconscious default modes and truly start consciously co-creating with the universe the life we dream and deserve.

We should be able to live in the present without constantly attending to thoughts of the past and worrying about the future. When we fall into this tendency to focus our attention on other timelines, we are only not recognizing what is happening in the present, so we can identify patterns and tendencies, but we are missing a huge amount of life force that could be used to manifest in the present; instead, our life force is very thinly spread throughout time and space making it harder to materialize dreams and projects.

There are many myths about Mindfulness, one of the most common ones, is the idea that mindfulness is only restricted to the practice of meditation. Mindfulness refers to a practice or, I would say an approach in life, and that is to be mindful, to be conscious, in other words, become an observer of all the layers of the moment you are living, to bring all of our energy, attention, and of course, consciousness to the present moment, to what you are doing in that precious moment, that it is the present, that it is the gift.

Mindfulness is accepting the flow of the experiences that are taking place, it is awakening the ability to truly connect with the present and the people in it, and delve into the feelings and sensations of existence. Believe me, your soul craved to feel all the spectrum of sensations in the human experience. Mindfulness is:

  • Paying attention intentionally, without judging or forcing our actions, or the actions of others.

  • To strengthen that relationship of what we are, do, and feel.

  • Learning to be realistic, to see ourselves as our teachers who are there to heal any pain, stress, illness, or challenge that arises in our lives.

Mindfulness is to truly give into the moment and be open to the natural flow of the universe, and the blueprint of the soul, when we are mindful living, we open the channels for joy and receive the signs that life is constantly giving us, we become more and more aware of the breadcrumbs of spirit.

A life with fewer worries about what happened or what could happen opens us to the perfect flow of our divine plan, when we are in the here and now, resistance tends to start dissolving and when we stop resisting, is when we are truly open to the connection and the flow of Source through us.

Mindfulness brings us back to sacredness, when we are aware of the moments in their full spectrum, we realize how sacred every minute in a human soul is, we have the clarity to appreciate everything, starting with our bodies, so naturally, we want to take better care of the vehicle of our soul, when we are in the here and now, we become aware of what we like and what we dislike, who we thrive around and who brings us down, we become aware of how every minute we spend with someone is unique and will never happen again in the same way, thus we start becoming aware of the sacredness of our life in every minute, we realize what serve our bodies and souls, we learn who we feel good around and what ignites us, and also what brings us down, so naturally, we start consciously designing our lives, and routines, we become more selective about friendships, relationships and the way we spend our time, we become empowered by the secrets of our souls and the whispers of our bodies.

The are two people that are really good at embracing a mindful way of living, one of those being kids; If there is something we can learn from them, is how to be in the here and now, if you notice kids are also very good at identifying what they like and what they dislike. Kids live with so much passion that there is no wonder why they are so full of energy (their chi is not spread across many timelines). Kids also can live the moment with nothing to little judgment, everything is so new and exciting, so they truly see life through the eyes of innocence and this is another gift of mindful living. Innocence is key to being open to witnessing miracles every day, all around us.

The other group of people that are good at the here and now are people that have faced death in one way or another. Losing someone loved or being in danger of losing our own life, definitely will change anyone's perception of what's important and how to fully enjoy and live every little moment.

Mortality should be the human trait that pushes us into a mindful way of living; instead, we have replaced the pure enjoyment of a moment or experience with anxiety, and a constant rush for the next thing, and the next thing, thinking it will make us happy one day in the future; but there will always be the next thing, as long as we are alive what if, we stop for a moment look around, and enjoy what we have created so we can stop chasing after the next thing. Happiness is really an inside job, and there will be no next thing, big enough that can ignite that appreciation for life. Happiness is the result of focusing our attention on all the blessings we have here and now, and I do not know about you, but if I start looking around I see blessings everywhere.

So if you are reading this now, I invite you to recall your energy back to this moment, from all timelines past and future and think of the blessings around you, starting perhaps with having a roof o your head, hopefully, 2 meals a day, and running water, being able to read this is also a blessing, a message from your soul inviting you to be present. You will never be here again and there is something so definite and magical about it, that makes it sacred.

Mindfulness is not a trend, it is the way of human power, the way of happiness, and the way of miracles. when you are able to feel the corners, and depth of your everyday experience you are getting closer, and closer to the secrets of the universe and thus of conscious creation.

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