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Spiritual Hygiene how to keep your energetic sovereignty

So what is energetic hygiene?

Energetic sovereignty in the spiritual world refers to the conscious practice of maintaining and protecting one's energy field, ensuring that it remains untouchable (virgin) and free from external influences. It involves establishing boundaries and practices that enable individuals to connect with their intuition in a clear and unfiltered manner, promoting overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

At its core, energetic sovereignty acknowledges that each individual is an energetic being with their own unique vibrational frequency and energy field. This field extends beyond the physical body and interacts with the surrounding environment and other energy fields. Recognizing this, individuals who seek energetic sovereignty understand the importance of safeguarding their energy from external forces that can drain or disrupt it.

Energetic hygiene consists of practices that keep our energetic space and my clients' space sacred and clear, so healing can truly happen.

Energetic hygiene is vital for anyone, especially those starting their spiritual healing journey. When we open up to spiritual growth and healing the body, mind, and spirit through spiritual and energetic practices, it is like opening the door to the unseen, to the metaphysical world. Thus it becomes essential to be able to:

1. Discern when, where, and to whom you will open up.

2. Have energetic practices and boundaries to keep our space sacred and clear from any other´s energy.

3. To understand that even though we might look for experience healers and practitioners to support us, they are not the ones that provide the healing; they are providing you hopefully with a sacred space and tools so that you can start your healing process. Practitioners and their area need to be the catalyst to support you on your journey and not the protagonist. Again you are the temple, the crystal, and your personal Guru.

Energetic discernment could be the single most important thing regarding energetic hygiene and energetic sovereignty. Whether you are starting your spiritual journey, unlocking your gifts, or you are a spiritual practitioner being able to distinguish when, where and who to work with can make the difference between true healing, or many other unhealthy things like opening up personal portals, one is not prepared to open, not knowing where these portals lead to, getting your energy siphoned by energy practitioners, generating openings in the aura, being contaminated by low vibration entities while in a ceremony, and much more. Choosing a practitioner and or collaborators of integrity and coherence is the first and most important step.

One key element of Energy Soverngty:

Self-awareness. To cultivate energetic sovereignty, one must first develop a heightened sense of self-awareness. This involves attention to one's energy levels, emotions, and intuition. By becoming attuned to these aspects of oneself, individuals can better discern when their energy is compromised or influenced by external factors.


Creating healthy, energetic boundaries is another crucial aspect of energetic sovereignty. This means learning to say no to energy-draining situations, people, or environments that do not serve one's highest good. It may involve setting clear intentions and practicing energetic protection techniques such as visualizations, energy shielding, or grounding exercises.

Boundaries in the spiritual realm not only protect one's energy field but also extend to various aspects of daily life, including time management, energetic exchanges for offerings, schedules, and modes of communication such as text, mail, or phone calls. Establishing and maintaining these boundaries is crucial as they can directly impact the energetic body, particularly for female practitioners. Ignoring or neglecting these boundaries may manifest as physical and energetic imbalances, leading to gut disorders, parasites, candida overgrowth, UTIs, and cycle-related disorders.

Setting boundaries around time is essential for maintaining energetic sovereignty. It involves recognizing and honoring one's personal limits and priorities. This means being mindful of how much time and energy one is willing to invest in various activities, commitments, and interactions. Creating a schedule that allows for proper self-care, rest, and rejuvenation is important. By allocating time mindfully, individuals can avoid energetic burnout and ensure a healthy life balance.

Energetic exchanges and shared percentages for offerings play a significant role in spiritual practices. Whether providing services, guidance, or sharing one's gifts, it is important to establish clear boundaries around these exchanges. This includes setting fair (exchanges that allow the practitioner to ground and nourish herself again) and sustainable energetic exchange agreements, such as establishing pricing for services, setting boundaries around the type and frequency of offerings, and ensuring that the energetic exchange is balanced and reciprocal. By establishing healthy boundaries around energetic exchanges, practitioners can avoid feelings of depletion, resentment, or imbalance in their energy fields while caring for their nervous systems.

Self-care and Grounding:

Maintaining energetic sovereignty also requires regular self-care practices. Engaging in activities that recharge and replenish one's energy, such as meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, or engaging in creative pursuits, can help restore and harmonize the energy field. Additionally, practicing self-love, self-compassion, and forgiveness supports the maintenance of a clear and balanced energy field.

A self-care routine is vital in nurturing the body and supporting overall well-being, especially in the context of energetic and spiritual practices. It involves consciously attending to various aspects of one's physical and energetic health, including nourishing the body with healthy food, ensuring good quality sleep, clearing the body through baths and showers, purifying living spaces, and connecting with nature. These practices help maintain a balanced and harmonious state, supporting the body's ability to heal, rejuvenate, and support an overwhelmed nervous system.

Clearing the body through baths and showers effectively releases energy residue and cleanses one's energy field after healing sessions or intense spiritual practices. These practices help remove any residual energies that may have been absorbed or accumulated during energetic exchanges. Taking a bath with Epsom salts, sea salt, or essential oils can help cleanse the energetic body, while showers can quickly and effectively wash away any stagnant or heavy energy. By clearing the body, individuals maintain a balanced energy field, promoting a sense of clarity, lightness, and well-being.

Visualizations & Shields:

Energetic visualizations can be powerful tools for cultivating energetic sovereignty. Envisioning a radiant light shield surrounding your aura creates a protective barrier, deflecting negative energies. Invoking the assistance of ascended masters and archangels, visualizing their divine light enveloping you further fortifies your energetic boundaries. This visualization acts as a shield, ensuring your energy remains untouchable and untainted. With these powerful visualizations, you establish a sense of safety and empowerment, allowing you to navigate the spiritual realm with clarity and confidence.

The best advice I can give you ... is that In the realm of energetic sovereignty, a profound realization awaits those who dare to embrace it: the understanding that we are the protagonists and the healers of our own lives. This revelation is where true power resides, for in acknowledging that we are the temples of our own existence, we become aware that the light within us is the force that heals and protects our energetic field.

As seekers on the path of enlightenment, we may be drawn to experienced healers and practitioners who can provide guidance and support. And while their knowledge and expertise are invaluable, we must remember that they are not the bestowers of healing itself. Rather, they offer us a sacred space, tools, and techniques to aid us in initiating our own healing process.

In this healing dance, practitioners and their realms become catalysts, acting as facilitators on our unique journeys. They are the wise guardians who help unlock the doors to our innermost truths. However, we must never forget that we are the crystalline beings who possess the inherent wisdom and capacity to transform ourselves.

To claim our energetic sovereignty, we must step into the role of the protagonist. We must recognize that we are the architects of our own destinies, the artisans of our own healing. Through deep introspection and self-reflection, we unveil the dormant power within, discovering the sacred light that radiates from our core.

By assuming this role, we reclaim our authority, standing as the masters of our own energetic fields. We learn to navigate the ebbs and flows of our spiritual journey with grace and resilience. In this newfound awareness, we tap into the wellspring of divine guidance that resides within us, connecting with our own personal Guru.

As we walk this path, let us honor the practitioners who share their wisdom and sacred spaces with us. Let us recognize them as companions on our journey, guiding us with their expertise and compassion. But above all, let us never relinquish our sovereignty, for within us lies the power to heal, protect, and illuminate our own lives.

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