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This Ceremonial Spray has been designed to uplift the soul and the spaces you live in. This sacred Ceremonial blend has been created with Organic Essential oils, Rose Quartz water, Pakistani Himalayan salt, And Hand-Made Rose Water. 

This beautiful blend Opens the Heart Chakra, promotes love, joy, and abundance while clearing and protecting from low vibration energies. 

Purifying Love Ceremonial Spray

2 Ounces
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  • Sake well !!! allow your intention to flow from your heart to your hand to ampliyed the magic in this product.

    Use it to clear your energy and or the energy of the spaces you live in, you can also spray your bed for a restful sleep. You can spray before meditating onto your body and heart chakra as well as you can feel also free to use it as a magical suttle and velvety perfume.

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