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6 Months Soul Alchemy

6 MONTHS PROGRAM to heal and reclaim your light and power.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 2.222.00
  • Fifth Avenue

Service Description

This is a 6 MONTHS Journey, to deepen the healing experience, everything we are and we know is mediated through our relationships with our family and ancestors. The lessons, the traumas, the pain; but also the gifts are passed onto us through our morphic fields of information and our DNA ... through this journey, we can not only clear traumas from our linage but also claim gifts and our power. this journey consists of 6 sessions spaced out at your rhythm but I recommend not to go faster than 1 a month, to fully integrate the energy and the healing reconnect with life force heal mother - feminine energy heal father - masculine energy integration interferences reconnect with life purpose this program is complemented with Akashic records reading One at the beginning of the Journey and one in the middle to incorporate the wisdom of your soul and your masters, teachers, and love ones. in every session, we will also gracefully incorporate Angelic chakra healing for the lessons, the trauma, and the gifts of our lives and our ancestors are stored in the depths of our chakra system. this program consists of one call every month of 90 mins, where we will go over the energy coming up for you, look at the family tree from the perspective of the ancestral healing and family constellations. meditation will be recorded for you to work on for the next 33 to 44 days and we will have a 45 min call in the middle of the journey and get a remote pranic - angelic chakra healing session. different exercises will be necessary to incorporate in your life to heal the body and the soul, so your time and commitment to your healing is the most important ingredient for this journey. you will be getting a total of 12 phone calls 6 remote chakra healing sessions 6 to 12 meditations to support this journey of reclaiming you lightly and your lineage power and gift to truly create a legacy for your descendants and the world. A legacy of abundance, health, wealth, and love.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us a least 12 hours in advance. Refunds are not available, but the payment will be honored as credit for future sessions for you or someone close to you, THIS SESSION CREDIT WILL BE HONORED FOR NOT MORE THAN 2 MONTHS. ✨ In these sessions, you'll be accompanied by divine helpers—Guides, Starseed Higher Aspects, Angels, and more—to awaken your unique gifts and magic. 🌟 Our goal is to offer insights, tools, and activations to guide you toward your soul's purpose and service. 🚫 Please note, I don't answer yes/no questions or predict the future, as your path unfolds through your own choices. 🌸 This session isn't for those seeking mere curiosity about soul origins or cosmic connections. If you're ready to co-create, let's embark on this transformative journey together! 🌹. 💖 As a spiritual guide and mentor, I am not a licensed doctor or mental health professional. The guidance and tools I offer are spiritual and mindfulness-based, intended to complement your healing journey. It's important to understand that these sessions are not a substitute for professional medical or mental health treatment, nor do they replace any medication prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider. ⭐ By participating in these sessions, you acknowledge and accept full responsibility for your own well-being and decisions. Any insights, advice, or recommendations provided during our sessions are for spiritual and personal growth purposes only. If you are currently undergoing medical or mental health treatment, please continue to follow the guidance of your healthcare provider. These sessions are meant to support and enhance your overall well-being, but should not replace any treatment plan prescribed by a qualified professional. It's also important to note that spiritual sessions, including those involving tarot readings, energy healing, or other spiritual practices, are not guaranteed to produce specific outcomes and should be approached with an open mind and heart. Ultimately, my role is to guide and support you on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. If you have any questions or concerns about how these sessions may fit into your overall wellness plan, please feel free to discuss them with me before we begin. 🌹

Contact Details

  • 2121 Fifth Avenue suite 204, San Diego, CA, USA


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