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The Hummingbird Method

movements of the Soul

At the core of our practice lies the inspiration drawn from the Hummingbird. In this tiny yet mighty creature, we find a reflection of the soul's subtle movements, reminding us that even the smallest actions can profoundly impact how high we can fly.

Just as the Hummingbird's wings ripple through the sky, our approach focuses on the gentle yet powerful movements of the soul. We believe that true change begins with recognizing the innate strength within, and, then using the power of science and spirituality to create soul momentum and create real change in our reality.

.Join us on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth as we draw wisdom from the Hummingbird's flight to help you soar higher than you ever thought possible.


If we could just learn this three things from hummingbirds ...

Let's turn on the heart 

our inner temple


The Hummingbird spirit appears to those who need to change something and seek guidance, also to bring messages from higher realms . The Hummingbird spirit guide comes to you as a reminder that you are the medicine and the power to create the life your desire comes from igniting the power of your inner temple by alchemizing the experiences that life offers as a nectar to connect back to source by remembering that we are part of it.

Acording to many ancient cultures, Hummingbirds feathers have magic powers and that is a reminder that even if we  think that we are small and fragile, we are made of the same material of the universe and that there is magic within us, all we have to do is to be prepare to trust the path of healing and open our wings.

There is endless Magic and Uncondotional love to be found when we fly through our fears 


Much like a hummingbird's determined journey, our hearts can lead us on incredible paths. They hold the key to self-love and compassion, guiding us towards healing and the life we truly deserve. Reconnecting with our heart's truth is the first step toward unlocking the power within us. Let's soar with the tenacity of the hummingbird and rediscover the magic within our hearts


Like hummingbirds, we too seek the sweet nectar within the human experience. Delving  the depths of trauma and pain reveals profound messages, wisdom, lessons, and gifts.

The hummingbird urges us to reconnect with the sources of joy, for these are the gifts we're meant to share with the world. The burdens that weigh us down and distract us from illuminating the world with our light must be released.

Just as hummingbirds find sustenance deep within flowers, we, too, find the nectar of our own light by letting go of what holds us back.

You are the Medicine

the Ceremony is within

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