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The Hummingbird Method

 When The Hummingbird presents itself to you, it is known by most indigenous cultures, is coming to you as medicine. Hummingbirds' myths and legends say they bring messages from heaven, also they represent a state of lightness, which precisely is what allows them to fly so fast ... this and many other reasons inspired me to call my way of practicing the Hummingbird Method. Learn more in the next section.


If we could just learn this three things from hummingbirds ...

Let's turn on the heart 

our inner temple


The Hummingbird spirit appears to those who need to change something and seek guidance, also to bring messages from higher realms . The Hummingbird spirit guide comes to you as a reminder that you are the medicine and the power to create the life your desire comes from igniting the power of your inner temple by alchemizing the experiences that life offers as a nectar to connect back to source by remembering that we are part of it.

Acording to many ancient cultures, Hummingbirds feathers have magic powers and that is a reminder that even if we  think that we are small and fragile, we are made of the same material of the universe and that there is magic within us, all we have to do is to be prepare to trust the path of healing and open our wings.

There is endless Magic and Uncondotional love to be found when we fly through our fears 


Reconnect with your heart... Hummingbirds have an amazingly capable heart !!! if it wasn't for the strength in their hearts, they would not be able to fly in the amazing way they do, they are a symbol of tenacity and endurance; some hummingbirds are known to travel up to 2000 miles to reach their destination. Your heart is the place where your biggest source of creative energy and helping lays and where you'll find the answers for self-love and compassion. When your heart chakra is activated, life becomes easier and we attract high vibration people and situations


Find the beauty, that sweet nectar in the human experience. Hummingbirds' beaks are long and thing allowing them to go deep into the flowers to find that much need it life force to sustain their heart, like hummingbirds in our human experience the only way to bring heaven on earth is by going deep into the experiences, even those of trauma and pain to absorb the real message, the real wisdom, the lesson, and the gift, thus we can be able to connect to that sweet nectar of our own light.

to pass over the ego interpretation and allow yourself to become your own medicine.


You are the Medicine

the Ceremony is within

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