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A Retreat Can Change Your Life!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Would you like to turn off the world for a moment? As if you were in a movie, and you could pause, and slow down the life around you, spend some time on your own, quieting the world, the constant inner talk, and endless to-do lists.

In a time when we have little to no time to ourselves, when it seems impossible to be away from our cell phones, stress and anxiety dominate our lives, and the rule is a deep sense of disconnection from ourselves, our needs, and our emotions. Although we know sooner or later, they find a way to manifest themselves as disease, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and last but not least, a sense of emptiness, "Why am I really doing this."

In a world that never stops, with demands that never stop, a spiritual healing retreat becomes a safe haven to harvest life force, healing, motivation, and the necessary momentum to change those things that do not serve our highest good and happiness.

A retreat offers you the chance to stop the fast, distracting pace of life; by creating this gap in time, you are presented with the unique opportunity to quiet the world outside and start listening to the whispers of your soul by simply taking some time to exit the matrix of society you offer your nervous system an opportunity to be reset and to nourish creating a new baseline and the inspiration to create a more balanced life. When the world outside quiets and the nervous system slows down, we can open up to our higer selves and inner wisdom and guidance.

The simple fact of stopping and noticing what is being experienced offers surprising results. This simple but powerful space helps us to begin to perceive how the body really feels and what it needs, to listen carefully to our thoughts, and to get closer to our emotions; In this way, we gain valuable knowledge about ourselves, and we can start mobilizing tools to offer us greater well-being, and possibilities open up to find resources to heal physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Spiritual retreats are designed to bring forward deep awareness of inner wounds, inner child trauma, the shadow of the self, and generational trauma. During this time, one dives deep into gaining insight into the inner landscape and learning tools to sustain the healing process. Spiritual retreats are a place to find the root cause of our pain, trauma, and blockages and to be supported with the practices to heal the mind, the body, and the soul.

Many people talk about spirituality and spiritual work; there is no more sacred and powerful spiritual practice than getting to know oneself; Socrates said it best "To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom."

There is no more healing work than the one done by knowing oneself; the way to change and to get everything we dream of is the way of the black hole. We must disintegrate the layers of ego, of the things we thought we were, of the things we were told we have to be, and then from there, a new start can be born, the brightest version, the authentic version of your divine light.

If you feel a call to this profound work and healing, join us this October 7 to the 8th for an Ancestral Alchemy Retreat. Healing our ancestors, our mother's and father's wound is the most profound work into getting to know who we are and how to heal our lives by reprograming what no longer serves the bloodline, this way we heal toxic patterns and trauma for those before us, and for those to come.

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