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Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Ancestral Healing: the way to clear karmic generational patterns,

trauma and the way to reclaim the gifts and wisdom of our ancestors.

Ancestral healing is the process of revealing and releasing inherited generational traumas, patterns, and wounds, that may have been passed down by our ancestors. The path into ancestral healing is the path to sovereignty and freedom from ancestral karma and the unnecessary repetition of painful lessons and patterns, it is also the path of the courageous soul ready to embark on a journey of reclaiming power, responsibility, and conscious creation of the future. anyone exploring their heritage will uncover both positive and negative patterns and trauma, that pass through the lineage from one generation to the next. Once we understand the effects our family has had on our lives and relationship dynamics, we can find ways to heal unconscious loyalties and celebrate and honor their legacy.

Sustained ancestral healing, can help heal intergenerational patterns of family dysfunction. By working spiritually with our ancestors, one can start to understand and transform patterns of pain and abuse and gradually reclaim the family's positive spirit. When you engage your loving ancestors, you can catalyze healing breakthroughs in your family, including establishing appropriate boundaries with living relatives.

On a collective level, the ancestors are powerful allies in transforming historical trauma relating to race, gender, religion, war, and other types of collective pain. Recent findings in epigenetics are showing that in a very real way, the pain of our ancestors can endure through generations. There is now ample scientific research that supports the importance of working to heal generational trauma, not only as individuals but as a society. There are now studies that show genetic markers in the younger generation, are associated with exposure to systemic violence. see studies here:


By connecting with your ancestors in this profound way: expressing love, compassion, gratitude, and forgiving them. One can release and free both, your ancestors and oneself. In so doing, you can break any energetic cords or karmic patterns that are no longer serving you, and turn your life around in the most positive way.

Reconnecting with our ancestors from a place of love and empowerment, one can not only heal unconscious traumas and patterns preventing us to live our best lives, but one can also reclaim through this healing all the gift, abundance, and love they could not experience. Our ancestors stay with us energetically and want us to be the best version we can be. when we can elevate our life and experiences, we are honoring their efforts and lives, we are honoring the lineage and thus we are positively reconnecting with life and Source itself. We become free from resistance and reconnect with the natural flow of the universe that will always work in our favor.

In my experience as both Clinical Psychologist and a healer, there are 5 major platforms or energies that compose the landscape of our Psyche and our unconscious mind, and the information in our DNA these platforms are:

  1. Reconnection with life itself: this is the awareness that we are eternal souls living a human experience and that we are not disconnected from our divine origin. In our day-to-day, we become so distracted by human tasks, and we forget that we are supported not only on Earth but also by our creators, Father/Mother universe, so we must consciously rekindle this sacred connection and sustain it in our daily lives, with practices, like grounding, meditation, yoga, prayer, etc. any practice that supports this feeling of being connected to life itself, of being supported by Earth and the Divine.

  2. Healing the mother wound: By working and exploring our relationship with our mother, the mothers, and daughters before us we can discover, unconscious patterns and traumas in the lineage. the mother energy is the energy of abundance, not only having income but being able to keep it and make it grow, the energy of self-care, self-love, and self-value, the dynamics in our relationship with food, our sense of protection and provision, and last but not least the quality in our relationships, meaning if we engage in nurturing, loving and fulfilling relationships, including and most importantly with ourself. the example we get from our mothers about the way they took care of themselves will mark our capacity to care for the self.

  3. Healing the father wound: exploring the relationship with our father and the fathers and children of the lineage, will allow us to reveal toxic and/or traumatic experiences. When we identify traumatic events, we can heal them. The father's energy will affect our capacity to bring resources into our lives for both survival and the accomplishment of projects and dreams. The dynamics in the relationship with our father, provide us with the capacity to see our projects through and to finish what we start, giving us both willpower to work and manifest, and to resist those habits that are not good for us while having the motivation to replace them with habits that promote wellbeing. The father energy is our personal power and how we project it into the world, either by asserting ourselves and being confident in our gifts or by imposing our ideas, through controlling behaviors. last but not least the father energy, is the one that supports us to hold healthy boundaries with others.

  4. Acknowledgment of the rightful place of all members of our lineage. Whether we know all of the members or not is a key part of our lineage to give everybody a place in the bloodline. Is not uncommon that families hold not only members and different events as secret, or that there are certain things or people we do not talk about. Many times secrets will be held for years regarding real parents, the loss of a sibling, members with mental disorders, and/or other complex events that for fear of staining the name of the family are considered better to be kept in silence. these secrets and lack of acknowledgment prevent us from truly knowing ourselves completely and taking our rightful place in the lineage, disconnecting us from its power and condemning us to repeat unknown trauma.

  5. reconnecting with the source of all creation and accepting our existence as a miraculous and sacred experience for the growth of our soul and through this process connecting with the awareness that we are divinely supported by our guides, guardian angels, and ancestors.

The journey of ancestral healing is one of evolution, freedom, and restoration of our truest selves. Each step, ritual, and prayer will take you closer to the life your ancestors have dreamed for you. for more information about ancestral healing, you can book here for an online appointment.

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