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The Awakening of the Goddess Retreat

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

A Journey of 11 souls, that went deep into de Colombian jungle, and our souls.

The Goddess Journey...

After months of preparation, looking for the perfect place, the perfect team, and designing the most heartfelt itinerary, the day had arrived, took 3 suitcases, my sound bowls, goodie bags, oracles, and my 4 years old daughter down to my homeland Colombia.

I arrived a couple of days before to drop off my beautiful angel with my mother and pick up our photographer, Sadie @inyourlight. Then we travel to the beautiful city of Cartagena to join the rest of the group. On May 16th 2022 we went 4,5 hours by private bus to our sacred location in the National park of Tayrona, the Sierra Nevada, one of the tallest mountains and snow pick in the tropics, also one of the most sacred places in my Country. A mountain consider, the guardian of the north in South America.

Together we played and laughed while moving through cities and towns on our way to the sacred land, as we were getting deeper into the jungle, we were getting deeper into each other, one can say it was love at first sight for all of us, there was a very deep sense of familiarity and I knew in my heart that we were meant to go this deep together. Having our first night together under a blood full moon eclipse, was not a coincidence, It was written on the stars, that these women would come together to clear the path and create magic together.

The sisterhood born on that bus ride and this Journey will forever be in my heart. the power of this sisterhood together could move mountains, and we did.

Together we created a sacred space, together we created a healing portal of love and compassion. 11 women and the Colombian jungle were the recipe to a powerful portal of death and rebirth. We went to the depths of our souls, we truly saw the shadow emerge; but we held each other and we created a quantum portal of unconditional love, we died in each other's arms, and like the phoenix were reborn from our very ashes. We witness each other's light emerge stronger and brighter.

We shed the weight of this and other lifetimes and those of our ancestors, we created space for miracles, we were each other's medicine. Through sisterhood, kind words, and sweet looks, we carried each other to the void, and from the void not only did we witness magic; but we vowed to create the life that we desire, for it is our divine right.

Taking 11 beautiful women with me to my beautiful homeland Colombia and diving deep into the depths of our souls, was my dream, it was my destiny. I still feel it in my skin and my bones. The journey to reawaken the Goddess is a journey of death and rebirth, the true journey of the Phoenix. I honored every single one of these powerful women for listening to their hearts and coming with me to the depths of the jungle and the soul.

The journey to reawaken the Goddess, that we all have within, is to surrender to the fire of our higher self, the fire of Pacha mama, the fire of our Goddess soul, that burns what no longer serves our highest purpose and growth, the fire of the goddess soul, burns to the ashes the labels, and the personas we thought we were; to allow space to what you are meant to be by divine design. The journey of reawakening the Goddess brings this fire within, to illuminate the dark unknown places where the wounds, as well as the gifts, hide.

The journey of the Goddess is to awaken the shakti, the feathered snake that it is ready to shed skin and grow wings, to take her to higher timelines, but in the shedding there is pain and there is mourning that needs to take place.

To say farewell to these parts and what we thought we were or we need it to be, we need to create a sacred inner ceremony to honor what it was and who we were, without honoring there is no real healing.

The journey of the Goddess is the journey of courageous vulnerability, the journey of cracking open to finally heal lifetimes and experiences of pain from our very cells and DNA, and to set us in an ascending spiral to meet the Goddess within.

Still feeling tender after this unforgettable experience and honor by all the women who heard the call of their inner Goddess, I am dusting off my ashes and innocently witnessing who I'll become within the next months and years. Feeling for sure lighter and waiting for new magic to unfold. The Journey of the Goddes, is the journey of letting go, is the journey to empty oneself, is the journey of freefalling into one's deepest fears and gifts and realizing that we have wings ¨New things and experiences don't come to a full cup¨

If you are craving a Goddes journey, click below to check our future offerings of retreats, we have the Goddess winter Retreat happening this Dec 2022.

Photos by @inyourlihgt

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